About Me


I am Saadiah Khawaja. Professionally, I am a Marketer, as well as a Signature Makeup Artist. Have pursued Marketing, Communications & Customer Relations as a career for about 8 years of my life. My real passion has always been Make-Up, & I have owned & successfully ran a Signature Bridal Salon for 2 years, which I had to close down owing to extenuating circumstances. My second passion has been “writing”, and I have pursued this by writing articles on Behance, & maintaining a Blog on “Stress Management” on WordPress, as Behavioral Sciences, and therefore Well- Being Counseling is yet another love of mine, that I do practice, but do not charge for. And, the reason, behind this decision of mine, lies in the inexplicably torturous, abusive, (mental & physical) hardships I have had to endure throughout my life! Single Mom to a 16 year old boy, I stand blatantly for women rights, and against the dual standards built for women in our society, Through makeup blogging, my aim, is to help women realize that they need to love themselves more than anybody else, and accept themselves with or without makeup, though this art does give one the power of enhancing our natural blessings. Also, to me, beauty blogging is not just limited to makeup, but encompasses, physical & mental health, wherein Counseling & Workout, not to mention there related benefits come in! And here is where I shall conclude, by saying, that yes, I am a Gym Freak too, but all these things that I practice have actually made me maintain a body age, that is 10 years younger than my real age!