VS Classic Lawn Collection Vol-1 2017!

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Spring is in the air, and all I can think of is stacking up my summer wardrobe! Yes, the one word that hits all of us Pakistani Women when we think Summer Clothing are “Lawn Collections!” Today I will be bringing forth the VS Classic Lawn Collection 2017, for those of you who are still unaware of it!Read More »

Latest Pakistani Wedding Dresses-2016!

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I am going to be talking to you about the Pakistani Wedding Dresses that ruled 2016! Now that the wedding season is right upon us,  all I hear women talking of nowadays are wedding dresses, wedding makeup, hairdos, and so on. And, it is very understandable to be frank. A wedding is a most important event in the life of a couple, as well as their near and dear ones. However, this too remains true that the pace at which trends are changing nowadays, and the price hike we are faced with, it is imperative the common man has options to shop trendy, and beautiful Pakistani Wedding Dresses that would not cost them a fortune!Read More »

Different Types of Men’s Hoodies Available Online.

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Winters are technically just around the corner, even though sitting in Lahore I do not really feel that way, reason being that the temperature right now is 26 Degree Celsius! And, it is 7 pm as I write this post! But, that does not mean that mother nature is showing the same wrath to other parts of Pakistan, which is why I though of discussing some winter clothing in this post of mine. This time around, I am writing about the Different Types of Men’s Hoodies available online, and therefore am also reversing the cliched “ladies first,” school of thought! That was just a joke though quite a dull one, so I might as well come to the topic rather than trying to display skills that I do not possess 😀

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