My 5 Most Loved! (Tag Post)

Actually, for those of you who do not know me even in terms of my presence, I am very young in context of being a”Blogger,” and just started my Bog in July Last Year. Of Course, I do feel privileged to be part of the gang called the “Bloggers Squad,”.┬áThis happens to be the First Tag Post I am doing for this group, and the 2nd, that I have done since I started Blogging! I am very close to touching 150 posts on my Blog, and hence the ratio of my Tag Posts is measly, but it seems things are about to change now:)Read More »


Hey Loves,

Yes, I did make my DIY skin water the very next day, and clicked it too, but was too tired to post yesterday, so I am sharing it today. And, in only one day, my hands feel better! I don’t know,whether it is my skin that is so responsive to this particular potion, but it certainly is. Also, I am sure, a lot of you already know of it,though do not know if you have tried it or not.Read More »