Revealing my Blowout Secrets!

Hey Sweethearts,

I know, I know! I am not living up to my promise of doing the contour video, but there is a valid reason for it. Last week I was struck by a severe skin infection that impacted primarily my face & my neck. It is almost on its way out, and I just want to be rid of it before I put makeup on my skin. There is no harm in putting on makeup, but I have a personal fetish of letting my skin breathe as much as possible in such cases. I do promise I will be coming up with a couple of videos back to back, as I too love doing them for you 🙂 It was thinking about those videos that I recalled a question put to me by Ayesha of the Chaste & Beautiful, a very dear friend, regarding the products I use before I Blowout my hair, that help me achieve that result that she loved in the video I posted! (I will post the link to the video below, for those who have not seen it)Read More »

Revive Your Hair From Summer or Any Damage !

There have been quite a few posts of mine in which I have tried to cover One Aspect or another of “Hair Care,” or the means of coping with “Damaged Hair.”  The truth is, that Hair is called a Woman’s Crowning Glory for all the Right Reasons! And, this fact makes it more logical to do what ever we can to Preserve & Enhance what Nature has Blessed us with.Read More »


Hi again, Hair dyeing is a subject that not all into beauty are necessarily inclined towards. But for me, I love dyeing my hair. Of course there are certain parameters within which I contain myself. I never tried to ape “Goldilocks”, as we Pakistanis do not have the skin tone to sport that hair hue.I have […]