My Favorite Drug Store Products!

Okay, let us talk about “beauty on a budget!” today. Yes, I do love discovering and sharing with you guys, “high street brands,” which do offer their money’s worth. I am going to list down 10 of my most frequently used, and most recommended Drug Store Products right below. I would like to mention, however, that the order that I am going to be listing them is random, as I love each product equally in its own domain & for the purpose I use it. Therefore, do feel free to assume that I rate all 5/5, if I had a rating meter of some sorts:pRead More »


Hello Pretty Women,

Yes, this is the first time I am doing my “Favorites Tag.” Getting straight into it, I shall show you what products I have held on to for dear life, this September!

top 5

My September Top 5!

The Visual says it almost all! It just does not identify the ranking, and the reason why a certain product was placed there! Hence, I shall unfold that too, and very briefly.

no 1

The First Slot is held by this amazing treasure of a kit, called the “MUR Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit!” I definitely am at least, a BB Cream, Gloss, Mascara, & Cheek Color Person, on most days. This is a perfect palette for adding very quick, on-the-go, subtle, shape & color to your face, & the fact that I Love it is evident, if you look at the bronzer, which has started to hit pan! Super Pigmented, yet very easy to blend and gives a very subtle flush of color.

no 2

I have been using the “John Freida Frizz Ease Line,” since the year 2004! And I don’t know how I would survive if I ran out of my stock of, at least the most Essential of them! During the humid months, I do leave my hair Natural, when I often get compared to having a “Lioness Mane!” In fact, in school I got “the Lion Hair Award,” in of-course a parody of some sorts. If I do blow out, it is straight, and no way can it be without this Product!

no 3

This Mascara is a very recent discovery of mine. I have done both a Haul & a Review Post on it. I will say no more than, I will not be on the look out for any other Mascara from now on. You have got to try it to believe my review, or why I say so here. Essence Cosmetics, please don’t ever discontinue it!

no 4

Clean & Clear is also a Brand that I do turn to when my skin starts to break out in the crazy humidity of Lahore, and they suit me! This is a new discovery, and as it says on the tube, “see fewer blackheads after one wash,” I would just say, my skin has been behaving since I have started using this! It is neither too exfoliating, nor too gentle to be ineffective. The effect of the product shows on the skin, and if it can work for a very sensitive skin like mine, it can work for all. Love it!

No 5

The final product, is yet again an old time favorite, but rediscovered, after Oriflame has resurfaced on-line. At my age, it is highly imperative, I do take care of my skin, and eye care is very necessary. Due to the super sensitive & oily nature of my skin, I always prefer Gel Based Moisturizers & those with Aloe Vera, best for natural Skin Rejuvenation. What could beat an Eye Gel that meets all the above demands & does deliver excellent results. I just bought it last month after so many years and feel super happy slapping it on at night:)

That sums up my list of favorites. What products have you used or loved most in September? Please share in the comments, or feel free to ask any questions. I would love to interact with you guys! Take care:)