Top 5 Reasons Obese Women Cannot Lose Weight!

I can very easily relate to the frustration caused by spending a good 90 minutes at the gym, and still not losing an iota of fat or flab! Sub-Continental women are inherently extremely Pear Shaped or Apple Bodied, both types of which don’t respond easily to workout & require different training routines of course. It remains a fact, that most Obese Women who try incessantly to lose the excess weight, often fail due to lack of the basic principles of weight management. Today, I shall discuss the Top 5 reasons that deter weight loss in Obese Women, especially in our part of the world!Read More »

Lose Weight or Inches???

Hello my Loves,

Now that I have built quite a preamble on exercise and fitness, I think it is high time I introduced you to my take on the subject 🙂 I cannot recall a time when I have not heard, “weight loss”, as one of the most significant and widely discussed topics, especially among women, my mom and her friends being the ones from whom I got introduced to the term. However, now this is a subject that has established itself as a proper Science, & is equally important to all, regardless of gender, and even age of an individual. The point of confusion that a lot of women face is to be sure of whether to Lose Weight or Inches!Read More »

Fitness Facts!

Being FIT has become as necessary as being able to talk sense, in today’s competitive world. Life is fast, & socializing is one of the keys to success. Each one of us wants to look their best, especially when in a Social Gathering. It is a bitter fact, that you might wear PRADA, unless you are fit, no one is going to give you a second glance! And God Forbid if they do, it will only be to sneer at you, and none of us deserves that. Read More »