Spa In a Bottle Serums-SIAB Review!

Hello My Loves!

Today I am bringing to you a much awaited review, regarding products that have created quite a stir on theĀ BTWS Facebook Page, at least. Yes, I am talking about the serums by the Facebook PageĀ Spa in a Bottle, which i will referring to as SIAB throughout the post, for ease of writing purposes, no offence intended. I have now been using these serums for 3 weeks now and let here is my authentic version of the SIAB Review!Read More »

Skin 18 Modeling Cup Pack- A Review!

Hello Lovelies,

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet. I shall be reviewing the Modeling Cup Pack by Skin 18, and trust me this too is a dead honest review! I am sure this preamble gives you an insight of what my review might be like, but no matter how far apart, and under whatever different variables of weather, skin condition etc. I put to test the products by Skin 18, I end up writing the same kind of words! But then, I have to be honest.Read More »

The Bioderma Sensibio Launch in Pakistan!

Hello my Loves,

I have something very interesting to share with you today, and that is one of the most well organised, executed, informative and enjoyable Bloggers Event I have attended in the short time span that I have been Blogging! Yes, I am talking about the Bioderma Sensibio Launch that was held at the Royal Palm Club in Lahore on December 18, 2016. I did share pictures of the invitation I received and also clicks from the event, but I decided to share the experience of the Event with you today, as such events definitely mark the acceptance of the Pakistani Influencer at the International level, which is of utmost importance!Read More »