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hope you all are in great spirits! So am I, in the sense, that I am going to review the last of my MUR Products that remains unreviewed, which indirectly means I can move in to do yet another haul:p For those of you, who are really into makeup, would agree with me , when I say a, “good pair of eyebrows is half way into getting a beautiful eye look!” But then, getting a good brow shape, that is not too harsh that it screams “Fake,” from miles away is more important and most difficult to achieve, if you do not have the correct products.

The MUR Miracle Brow Wonder!
The MUR Miracle Brow Wonder!

However, thanks again to MUR, I finally discovered a great quality product that ended all my brow woes! Doing a client is different, but with myself I am too lazy to work with eye-shadows in the brow. Hence I often used pencil instead, which ended up giving me a rather uncouth look, I would say! But, my life has been revolutionized, since the day I tried this Magic Potion, on my brows after having bought it off! Let me show you what I mean:)

Natural, With Pencil & With the Ultra Aqua Brow Tint!
Natural, With Pencil & With the Ultra Aqua Brow Tint!

Is not this picture self explanatory? Let me show you Closer Shots!

Natural, But Job Messed Up at a Salon!
Natural, But Job Messed Up at a Salon!
With an Eyebrow Pencil!
With an Eyebrow Pencil!
MUR Ultra Aqua Brow Tint!
MUR Ultra Aqua Brow Tint!

What do you say now?

  1. Obviously, the natural brow shape has been totally messed up, and looks disheveled!
  2. The Pencil gives the “harsh,” effect” and does not work the same on both brows.
  3. The MUR Tint has given me, by far, the best looking brows to date! Of course I need to , and shall improve in my work as I play more with this product.

I always do give visuals, as they do add authenticity to what I am saying & it is highly important to me, not to make false claims.

Talking of the tint, if you look at the first image, you will see that  it comes in a small squeeze out plastic tube, with a black screw on lid.The Golden writing MUR trademark is obviously present!

  1. The tube itself comes in a sleek Black Cardboard Box, the image of which i have shared in my Haul Post.
  2. The tint is water based, as the name suggests, and has a perfect consistency, that is neither too runny nor too thick
  3. It is super pigmented and a drop literally suffices for both brows.
  4. It does not dry out that fast that you have to start the stop watch to work with it. Shape your brow, taking your time, and the beauty of the water based formula is, that even after having dried, once touched with a wet brush, it comes to life again so that you can continue to work with it!
  5. Once try it will not move unless you apply a wet brush to reshape, or remove with a makeup remover at the day end.
  6. It is super easy to work with for a starter or a professional.
  7. The fact that so little is used, means it would take a few months for the tube to touch base.

You simply cannot beat this product, in terms of quality, performance or price, PKR 490/- only!

Some bloggers have reported “lack of shade availability”, but frankly, I do not think, with brows one should go with the natural hair color, rather stay a hue below. I have Black Brows, and you can see this looks much better than the brows done with pencil, which too was a Rimmel Brow Pencil In Dark Brown! However, my personal view is my own, and every one is entitled to hold their own opinions, which I do accept & respect with all my heart!


Finally, I am leaving you with a color swatch so that you can order at, or Or Buy from . The choice is yours and the product is definitely worth going for! Till next time, take care. I hope I was able to be of help, if any. Feedback, comments & suggestions are always welcome!




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Somya raghav

Is this shimmery or shinny in texture ?
B’coz m expecting it in matte ?


Dear u getting me wrong.. I am asking for eye brows tint dark one.. the product is matte or glossy?