Meditree Pure Australian Botanicals- A Review!

Hey Gorgeous Ladies,

Yes, it has been quite some time that I have written a review, and to be frank, I definitely prefer the Vocal Medium of Contact over the written one, but both are indispensable in order to maintain balance. If you remember, on May 5, 2016 I did my “First Impressions Video,” on the Organic Cream range sent to me by Zanedo Pakistan , and today is the day that my Detailed Video & Blog Review go live 🙂 Are you waiting to hear the truth and nothing but the truth on these much hyped creams??? Let me not keep you waiting 😉

medi blog

Just to refresh your memory on the Samples I received. These Included:

  1. Meditree Tea Tree Facial Cleanser with Willow Bark (100g)
  2. Meditree Tea Tree Scrub & Mask with Willow Bark (50 g)
  3. Meditree Tea Tree Hydrator  with Willow Bark. (50 g)
  4. Meditree Tea Tree Acne Gel. (5 g)

There are 4 key Components to all of these products, which are:

  1. Tea Tree Extract
  2. Willow Bark Extract
  3. Aloe Vera
  4. Chamomile

On the website this range is bracketed as being “Suited to Acne Prone Skin,” and rightly so. Before sending the samples over, I was asked about my skin type, which I described as Combination to oily, and Prone to Acne.

Since all of the 4 products have the same active ingredients, I will briefly discuss the interaction of my skin with each over the 2 week period, and then cumulatively talk of the effects they are ‘supposed,’ to have vis a vis the effects I have actually seen on myself within this period.

1.MediTree Facial Cleanser with willow bark: This is supposed to be used as any normal cleanser every morning and evening. It is Gel Like, Yellow in Color, Transparent with an overpowering smell of Pines/Eucalyptus. It does not at all irritate the skin, no matter how much inflamed and raw the acne may be, and is very gentle and soothing to apply. There is  to slight slimy feel to it which I would attribute Aloe Vera, but it is not at all slimy in an offensive manner! It washes off, but leaves a film of moisture on the skin, and thus, does not leave it feeling sapped and dehydrated.

mt cleanser

2.Meditree Scrub & Mask with Willow Bark: I must say this is one of my favorite products out of the four. It is green in color & has black specks of the exfoliant, which I assume are most probably the Tea Tree Leaves. If you look at the picture below, you will be able to see specks of what I think are Tea Tree Leaves. The Website for these products says that the scrub contains crushed Lychee Shells as an exfoliant in addition to the tea tree leaves, so I am not really sure which one of the two actually do show up as the black specks 🙂 It has a very subtle minty aroma, and one would expect it to tingle, if not burn on application, but it does neither. Also, the way it dries is way different than common masks do. Any mask that I have used to date, does make my skin taut upon drying. This however, does not at all do that. It simply melts into your skin and almost vanishes. Yes, your skin does feel taut, but in a pleasant “supported,” kind of way, not the usual “pulled and stretched,” way the other masks would make it feel. Even more surprising is the fact, that when one tries to exfoliate the mask off, there is  no friction felt, yet the “feeling,” of a non-existent exfoliation is there! I know I am sounding totally Paradoxical and out of it, but that is the way it is. Last but not least, when the scrub is finally rinsed off, it reveals a new face, as clean as you would not have imagined, but at the same time very soft and supple, not deprived of any moisture!

mt scrub

3. Meditree Tea Tree Hydrator with willow bark: This magic potion is my second most favorite product out of the range. In fact, if had to rank them, I would allot this the top slot as this is for everyday use. Never in my life have I come across a Product that claims to Hydrate without changing the skin’s PH Balance, and preventing the greasiness from creeping back in! And now, that I have tested this at temperatures of 42 -44 degree Celsius, I can only endorse its claims! What worse Test could you put this tiny tube to? If you look at the picture, it will appear slightly runny, and that only hints at the fact that the moment it touches your skin, you feel Water! It absorbs rapidly leaving ZERO residue. However, the most surprising part is, that it does not let the skin turn greasy again even hours on from having worn it. This is true and this totally blows my mind, and somehow I feel this property has to do with some secondary ingredient in it or is it the proportion of the key ingredients? I don’t know and I do not believe in going in circles trying to  unravel an Illusion, unless the creator, the magician himself, is there to explain it to me!

mt hydrator

4. Meditree Tea Tree Acne Gel: I need not say that this is just as great as the others, and does not sting, burn, irritate. It just does the job it is supposed to do, i.e. get rid of spots! It is a Target Treatment Cream, meant to be applied to affected areas only, and by morning you would find the breakout to have settled down or even gone, depending on the severity of course!

mt acne

The Unique Features of this Range:

I am only going to list these down here, as I have explained them in a lot more depth and detail in my Video Review that went up last night on

  • organically derived
  • no side effects
  • no reactions
  • extremely effective
  • for acne prone skin
  • key ingredients are Tea Tree, Willow Bark, Aloe Vera, and Chamomile Leaves
  • tea tree is Nature’s anti septic, anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti viral and is known for fighting Acne, and is present in all “acne treatment products.” Only here it is in its pure form and the smell of it is what stays with you , and does not tingle or burn at all.!
  • Willow Bark is known for its “Anti Inflammatory Properties.” It Cleanses without dehydrating, Soothes & Calms. It has “Natural Salicyclin,” and is a source of Natural Salicylic Acid! It also is a source of Alphahydroxy Acids, minus the “Burning, Itchiness, Tingling, Skin Rash, Irritation & Peeling,” associated with the chemically formulated strains present in all Anti Acne Topical Medicines! I see this as a miracle and its most Brilliant & Unique property. Willow Bark is also known to reverse the aging process. The power of naure at it Peak!
  • These Creams also Contain Aloe Vera & Chamomile, both of which are great hydrators and soothing agents. They are known to be the best “healing agents,” that Nature has provided us with. Aloe Vera is also known for its skin rejuvenating properties.
  • The most unique factor is the Brilliant Composition of these Creams, in the sense that the actions of one agent is counteracted by the benefits of the other automatically, not that the first is doing any harm, The result is better skin than you expected!

In my case, I did not expect decrease in pigmentation & increase the  elasticity of my skin, which it has, though to a minor extent, yet noticeable to me, and that too in only 2 weeks! By far this is the best Skin Care Regimen I have followed to date!

My Verdict: A Must Buy!


  • High Price Point
  • Availability yet to be unfolded

Please let me know your thoughts on these creams. Go and check out the video if you have not. I know it is more of a “Botany Lecture,” as my son labelled it, but you always have the fast forward option:) Would love to hear from you. Take great care & Stay Safe and Happy!



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All products look so amazing this brand is new to Pakistan would love to give a try to tea tree acne gel…

Glamorous without the Guilt

Winter Eve

Great review! I also liked the scrub and mask treatment, the results were really good when you used in in the video. Disappointingly the products are overly priced and yet to be available here. Any way, good demonstration and review of all of these products. Thanks

Chaste & Beautiful

Wow, it seems like you had fun testing these. The scrub does sound very good and I also liked the fact that the face wash leaves the skin moisturized which is what my skin really needs. I am trying Ponds face washes nowadays especially an acne one and I must say it is working great. Thanks for sharing detailed thoughts on these.