Spa In a Bottle Serums-SIAB Review!

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Today I am bringing to you a much awaited review, regarding products that have created quite a stir on the BTWS Facebook Page, at least. Yes, I am talking about the serums by the Facebook Page Spa in a Bottle, which i will referring to as SIAB throughout the post, for ease of writing purposes, no offence intended. I have now been using these serums for 3 weeks now and let here is my authentic version of the SIAB Review!


The SIAB Serums come in lightweight bottles that have cap with a dropper as the lid, which makes it both convenient, and hygienic to dispense and store the oils. The bottle of the 24k Gold Serum, however, is made of glass and is more sleek and elegant as compared to the Chubby, Plastic Bottle of the Night Serum. Of course, Cost Effectiveness is the reason behind the drastic difference behind the visual appeal of the 2 bottles, though I wonder whether the cost difference is enough is justify the compromise being made on the aesthetics, knowing that these two face oils complement each other? Take a look at both the bottles:

The Glass and touch of Silver Metal add oomph to the 24k Serum, which the Brown & White Plastic packaging totally take away from the youthful glow serum! Although, it is not a flaw or major drawback, when it comes to doing the SIAB Review, I would definitely say the 24k Serum gives me the feeling of having a Spa Product in hand, whereas the night serum reminds me of Homeopathic Medicine Bottles I have at home, only in terms of Packaging!!! Maybe the name word “Spa,” raises the expectation bar in terms of the packaging too! The Bottles however, do not leak, and  I assume should be safe to travel with, though I personally have not put them to the test!

Product & Performance:

The Serums are great in terms of the results the generate. This is what I can say for having used them practically every day for over the last 3 weeks. Let us first talk about the 24 k Serum.

24k Serum- SIAB Review:

  1. As you can see the Serum is slightly yellow in color, though I really do not understand what is meant by the infusion of “actual 24k Gold” in the concoction.
  2. It’s consistency is liquid but definitely thick, and pretty heavy in terms of fusion of all ingredients, such that a couple of drops, once warmed up between the fingers and the skin spread out gradually to cast a film over the entire half side of the face! Hence, you literally do not need more than 3-4 drops for the entire face!
  3. The serum makes Makeup go on much smoother and blend in much better!
  4. The 24k Serum has a pleasant fragrance of lemon grass and feels cool on the skin when applied. I really love the natural fragrance, as I do find it very relaxing.
  5. It is light weight and easily absorbed into the skin.
  6. Provides great hydration.
  7. Enhances Skin Texture and Tone!


The Youthful Glow Serum- SIAB Review:

  1. The Youthful Glow Serum, as visible, is transparent, and slightly thinner in consistency as compared to the 24k Serum.
  2. This is supposed to be applied during the night to aid skin rejuvenation.
  3. This also has a minty smell and a pleasantly tingly feel.
  4. Although apparently thinner in consistency, the Glow Serum does leave a residue on the skin, but that is ok because night treatments usually do.
  5. It definitely has a brightening effect on the skin.
  6. It enhances skin texture.

The Cons:

There is only one Claim that these Serums do not seem to live up to, and that is of “Fighting Acne!” I have been experiencing minor breakouts since I started using these, bit even if the break outs were coincidental, the serums did nothing to fight them!

Other than that, I have been complimented on having enhanced skin texture at my gym, and that is the best place to be judged! I am putting below a picture of me, as I am right now, with the Night Glow Serum on, and yes I too think these serums have done me good!

I would buy them again, and on that very basis would recommend buying them. Both these Serums retail at PKR. 540/- which is a very reasonable price. I hope my post helps you girls and please feel free to share your thoughts and queries! Love you all loads!










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Great review 🙂

Shama surya

Don’t tell me.
Omg I am using the fake one 🤔


Hi. Would like you to tell about their under eye serum too, only if you plan to use it or using it already

nuzhat Javed

Thanks For sharing