Spa In a Bottle Serums-SIAB Review!

Hello My Loves!

Today I am bringing to you a much awaited review, regarding products that have created quite a stir on the BTWS Facebook Page, at least. Yes, I am talking about the serums by the Facebook Page Spa in a Bottle, which i will referring to as SIAB throughout the post, for ease of writing purposes, no offence intended. I have now been using these serums for 3 weeks now and let here is my authentic version of the SIAB Review!Read More »

Meditree Pure Australian Botanicals- A Review!

Hey Gorgeous Ladies,

Yes, it has been quite some time that I have written a review, and to be frank, I definitely prefer the Vocal Medium of Contact over the written one, but both are indispensable in order to maintain balance. If you remember, on May 5, 2016 I did my “First Impressions Video,” on the Organic Cream range sent to me by Zanedo Pakistan , and today is the day that my Detailed Video & Blog Review go live 🙂 Are you waiting to hear the truth and nothing but the truth on these much hyped creams??? Let me not keep you waiting 😉Read More »