7 Healthy Ways to De-Stress!


Did you know that almost half of the U.S. population claims their stress levels increased in the last 5 years?

If you think about it, we’re actually surprised the number is not higher than that. With busy, hectic lives we live, it’s no wonder stress is one of the most common symptoms of the modern age. It is known to make people physically sick, depressed, unable to think rationally, and even learn new things, ultimately preventing us from going back to our everyday routine. But we cannot really allow ourselves to sit around and feel sorry for ourselves, can we?Read More »


Hello My Lovelies,

I am sure you must be wondering, what the hell does “Stress” have to do with “Beauty, Makeup , and all that Hunky Dory Stuff?” Well, to be frank, it has a lot do do with it. Maybe, a lot more than we realize. I believe in Outer Beauty, Inner Beauty, & Real Beauty, or shall I say the Root Cause of Beauty, which I, personally divide into “Physical Fitness/Health”  &  Mental Wellbeing!” And, trust me, from years of experience, I am telling you, that this self-coined jargon, “real beauty” has a great impact on our “outer beauty.” Therefore, to maintain the latter, we must take care of the former! Do I make sense? If not now, I gradually will start to. But, as you can see, there is a slot dedicated to Physical Fitness & Wellbeing on my menu bar, where I will keep on posting, articles related to these topics, and those of you into it, will pick it up at once, the rest I hope will, in due course! I know we all know what stress is. But, being a Counselor, I am going to sum it up for you as precisely, yet concisely as I can, keeping it easy for all to understand. Ready for another, grim but true, side to me?

Stress ,anxiety,tension, depression are among the most frequently used words today.In fact, the usage of these words  is leaping by the minute as  life gets faster, tougher,and more competitive each day!I won’t be surprised,if in a year or two,the first word uttered by infants is “Stessa”, instead of “Dada”!Besides feeling Normal Stress & talking about it, have we ever pondered deep enough to ascertain what this Demon actually is?

The answer to this is neither short nor sweet as the word itself! All functions of the human body, physiological &/or psychological are controlled by one Mega Organ, the Human Brain! This is no news, but what confuses me is the manner in which people display surprise,even skepticism, when spoken to of a problem concerning the Brain. Are they too naive or am I a fool?! Yes, the brain does control all the Motor and Non-motor actions & activities of the body. However, the brain is Just an Organ itself! Is it so unbelievable that the most overloaded organ of our body is Bound not to fall prey to any ailment, like appendicitis or chicken pox?


Stressed Out Females!

Anyway, coming back to a slightly technical insight , whenever encountered by a situation, that is transmitted, via neurons, as being negative, a threat or  merely alien, to the brain, the defense mechanism of a person is switched on. This causes a hormone, to be pumped into the blood stream. Adrenaline is a hormone designed to prepare the body to take voluntary& involuntary actions, aimed at defending or countering any situation perceived ‘ unsafe’.

Again, as all humans have a unique genetic make-up, the amount of stress a person can normally endure is termed the “stress threshold,” of that particular being. Frequent,or over exposure to stress causing incidents permanently, unless treated,disturb our intrinsic coping mechanism, thereby lowering the STRESS THRESHOLD. The fact that 99.9% of human population suffers from anxiety,stress, panic attacks, is one of the downsides of the modern, challenging and highly competitive lives we live. Hence, almost all living the modern way, over use the immune system, unconsciously of-course, causing adrenaline & its related hormonal & neurological activity to result in hormonal disturbances. Such hormonal imbalances make an individual feel stressed most of the time, even in situations which once were normal to him/her!


Stress Shows in Our Outer Selves!

Stress itself, unless treated, becomes the basis of several other diseases or malfunctions related to the body and mind. Conditions most commonly attributed to stress are panic attacks, comfort eating, eating disorders, mood swings, persisting anxiety & the list goes on. Quite a Power Packed Phenomenon,No?! Sad but true, this is just a stepping stone into the bizarre & scary spiral of neurosis, also capable of graduating to psychoses!Sustained stress can lead to one of the most common, yet most difficult to cope with, form of  mental ailments, termed Depression. A depressed individual generally, loses interest in life, Feels & Appears Sad, most of the time.

I shall cutoff at this point, as I have rambled enough, but on a serious note, this very widely used word, Stress, is much more destructive, than we give it credit for. Are you still of the opinion that Stress, Anxiety, Depression, with all the very few impacts that I have jotted down here, would have no effect on our Hair, Skin, and over all health in general? And if they do, are they not connected to Beauty? Because, a Healthy, Confident Person is a Beautiful Person! I hope I managed to push across the reasons I amalgamate Health & Welling into Beauty! As dry as it might seem, read this once and it will definitely make sense.

Will see you soon, with a Glamorous Look, or something Fun to talk about, so Chill & Take Great Care! Your feedback on this is actually, requested!!!