VS Classic Lawn Collection Vol-1 2017!

Hello Lovelies,

Spring is in the air, and all I can think of is stacking up my summer wardrobe! Yes, the one word that hits all of us Pakistani Women when we think Summer Clothing are “Lawn Collections!” Today I will be bringing forth the VS Classic Lawn Collection 2017, for those of you who are still unaware of it!

There is no end to the brands of Designer, Replica and more affordable Lawns if we actually come down to number crunching. And, this very fact, that we women have such a wide variety to chose from, is a blessing considering that we all have different tastes, and more importantly budgets! I was literally blown away by what the VS Classic Lawn  Collection has to offer in its 2017 range! The colors combinations & designs are simply breathtaking. Just take a look at this dress, as seeing is believing after all.

Who can say no to such a vibrant, yet soft on the eye color palette for the scorching summers of Pakistan??? And, to top it all, you will be blown away by the prices that the link I have provided above has to offer! Personally, I do not believe in investing too heavily in a single Lawn Suit, as come what may, we rarely want to repeat the same designs the next season. Therefore, I would rather go for a brand that offers value for money, in addition to satiating the buds for beautiful Ensembles!

Just so that you girls can see what VS Lawn has come up with this year I am adding a Link that will direct you all straight to the  Lawn Collection 2017 of the brand that I have been  Raving about. The two factors that have really made me fall for this collection are the prices, and the extraordinarily beautiful Color & Design Platte. Take a look at another of my favorites from the collection.

Ain’t this sheer class? I will stop ranting now and leave you to take a look at all the variety yourself and tell me how you like it. Till next time say happy and blessed 🙂


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